Just stop your crying, here’s a review of Sign Of The Times

One week has passed since Harry Styles released his first solo song. One week was necessary to process Sign Of The Times and to give an impartial review of it. I didn’t want to be influenced by anyone, I didn’t want to feel pressured into liking the song so, I took one week to build my very own opinion.

Here it is: I really really love the song. People said it reminded them of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. I thought it sounded like Pink Floyd and like something we haven’t heard on the radio in a long while. Like a breath of fresh air, Sign Of The Times reminds me of a melancholic rock ballad.

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At 5 minutes and 40 seconds, people called it self-indulgent. I call it a story: there is a clear build up, with the guitar and drums only joining the piano after a minute. There are two verses, a bridge and a solid vocal outro. Then, the music slows down again as if to accompany you on your way back. It feels like a musical journey (but perhaps that’s me being over sensitive to music) and like it is about taking the time to listen to the track, listen how it blossoms, how it develops. People find it long-ish because we are getting used to songs that are 3 minutes max.


When it comes to the lyrics, Harry Styles said it was his most straightforward song. So it could be about a billion things and I feel everyone will take something different from it. Personally, I feel it could be melancholic and sad but also quite hopeful and positive. After all, just stop your crying, have the time of your life.

My favourite lines are “Remember everything will be alright. We can meet again somewhere, somewhere far away from here.” Because it makes me think of all the people I have met, the ones I have lost, the ones I don’t see half as much as I would like to, the ones I love despite being so far away from them. And it gives me hope that we will meet again at some point in this life or the next.

Harry Styles demonstrated the wide range of his vocal abilities and his falsetto has caught most people off guard. I like how involved he seems to be whilst singing the song and I can’t wait to see him perform live. Distancing himself from One Direction – at least musically- he seems to have rallied a lot of new fans to his ranks.

Listen to Sign Of The Times here:

His self-titled album will be released on the 12th of May. But Styles will perform another one of his songs tomorrow night on the Saturday Night Live show. I am curious to hear more!

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