A story of mass hysteria. That means you too

Let me tell you a story about a scene in a very famous movie. I mean it’s a damn classic and, on a more personal level, the most romantic and tragic love story ever told on a movie screen. There is a scene that we have all seen yet…it does not exist…

A couple of weeks ago, I started re-watching “Skins” on good ol’ Netflix. I’ve seen all the seasons but thought this was a great occasion to see them all back to back. SPOILER ALERT In the last episode of season 4, after Freddie has been brutally killed by the psychopath psychotherapist – one moment of silence for Freds and his good looks – his best friend Cook gets into the murderer’s house and beats the shit out of him. Revenge! At least, that is what I remembered…

What actually happens is that Cook faces up the murderer, gets hit but stands back up and shouts “I am Cooook!” and then, fade to black…So, I thought that I remembered clearly that Cook was killing the asshole who took Freddie from us and that this sort of open ending was not right. Because it means Cook can get killed too (I know he does not get killed because there is another episode focused on him a few years later).


It reminded me of that scene in…Titanic. And that is where y’all and me lose it!!!

When I first saw Titanic, in January 1998 (see, this does not feel right! It cannot be that old!), I was blown away and could not shed a tear. I was damn impressed that I did not think about crying. That was only the first time though; I now cry every single time I see it, no matter what I do to get distracted…It’s not pretty!

I remember that scene where Rose and her mother are having a conversation about Jack and Cal, about how they are in a lot of financial troubles and that Rose’s wedding is the only way to regain some sort of dignity. And I remember Rose being insolent and her mother slapping her…You do remember too, don’t you?!


Well, it never happened…IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! Watch the DVD, the tape, the streaming link, the low quality extracts on YouTube. It never happened. There is no slapping, at all.

The crazy bit is that I keep asking people around me, and I have been doing it for years, and they all tell me: “Yeah, it happens! It happens, right? Hold on. No, yes it happens!” Then, we watch the scene on the DVD and we face the fact that we all collectively imagined that slap…

Please, tell me if you remember this or if me (and a lot of other people) are just losing it!!!


(This post was previously published on on the 12th of July 2015.)