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Women’s March on London: why I marched

Saturday the 21st of January 2017 will hopefully be a date that goes down in history. One day on which people all across the world united to march for women’s rights, for human rights, for all those essential and basic rights that seem to be too often disregarded. This is why I marched on London:

As a woman, I am constantly asked to prove my worth. I remember not getting a job I interviewed for because “we need someone who can carry heavy boxes of books, so a man would be more suited”. I have been catcalled for years and it still makes me incredibly upset. I’ve been threatened with rape, called names because I would ignore a honking, been told I probably didn’t like sex since I didn’t want to perform a blowjob on a perfect stranger.

I am single because I can’t seem to meet a man who would be interested in my whole self rather than just my girly bits.

Saturday, I marched for those reasons; I marched because I hope 2017 is the year all this nonsense stops. I am as capable as a man, I am as worthy as a man and my voice is a loud as a man’s. I marched because a misogynist man, currently being investigated for sexual assault, has been elected president of the United States and I can’t agree with this.


It was not a march to hate on men and the spirits were so good, it was probably the most fun I’ve had with perfect strangers in a long time. There were men, families, friends, couples, kids, young people, less young people and we all marched with a positive attitude. The signs were inventive, the chants were creative and, despite the biting cold, we spent hours happily walking on the streets.

I know that this march is unlikely to change things for good and it feels that, sadly, there is still a long way to go before women are seen/treated/considered equal to men. But, we did send a strong message to the world!


In a world that is currently quite ugly, I loved that we united and that we stood together as one big heart, one big voice. As one big nasty woman!