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Young Men

Young Men is a film that conveys the story of men, soldiers during the Great War, through the language of dance. Interpreted by the Ballet Boyz Company, this risky bet proves to be a winner!

Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, the directors of Young Men, made the conscious choice of using only the language of dance to talk about the Great War and to explore the relationships between the soldiers. No words, no specific battle, no defined nation or army.
Young Men is adapted from a successful stage show and was shot in Northern France, in real mud and with conditions similar to the ones experienced by the real soldiers, a century ago.

The score, by Keaton Henson, is a powerful ally to a strong, heartbreaking motion picture. The story told is the one of young men, enlisted to fight in the Great War, and we follow them through their training, their first battles, their daily mental struggles all the way through their return to their families and loved ones.

Just about 60 minutes long, Young Men will make you think and will make you identify to the characters. The language of dance kind of breaks a new barrier and it is nothing that you might have possibly seen before.

The film will be shown on BBC2 in the next few weeks: do not miss on an original yet heart-wrenching look on WWI.


Previously published on on the 31st of October 2016.