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13 reasons why… we loved 13 Reasons Why

1) It opens the debate:
Suicide is the third cause of death among teenagers. Yet, it feels like no one really wants to address this issue. 13 Reasons Why doesn’t shy away from suicide: it tells you how it happens, what teens face in their daily lives and how difficult it is for them to talk to adults about their problems.

2) The cast is amazing:
There is honestly not a single member of the cast that wasn’t brilliant. Katherine Langford is so damn relatable as Hannah Baker: she is slowly taking us down with her, triggering heaps of empathy and leaving us with an empty heart. Dylan Minette as Clay Jensen is all of us, reacting to Hannah’s downfall and feeling ever so sad and frustrated that he couldn’t prevent her death. Kate Walsh is Olivia Baker, Hannah’s rightly devastated mum, fighting to understand what the hell happened to her little girl. Hats off to Justin Prentice, who plays Bryce Walker: it must have been quite a challenging part to incarnate!

Miles Heizer, Alisha Boe, Justin Prentice, Ajiona Alexus, Tommy Dorfman, Sosie Bacon, Brandon Larracuente, Katherine Langford, Devin Druid, Steven Silver, Ross Butler, Michele Selene Ang and at the bottom: Dylan Minnette, Brandon Flynn and Christian Navarro.

3) The soundtrack is a delight:
If you’re anything like us, you’ll be moved by the series’ soundtrack. The songs fit every scene they’ve been destined to dress. Our favourite ones are the ever-so-tender-and-meaningful The Night We Met by Lord Huron; Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division and Bored by Billie Eilish.

4) Clever adaptation:
As you might know, the series is adapted from a novel by Jay Asher, released in 2007. There are differences between the adaptation and the book but we thought the differences were needed and a benefit to the story: Clay takes his time to listen to the tapes (he listens to all 13 si in one go in the book) and this slow progression is needed to help the viewers understand the bigger picture. Also needed is Tony’s reassuring and caring presence (in the book, Tony only stays with Clay when he listens to his own tape). Another massive difference is how Hannah kills herself: in the book, she takes pills. In the series, she slashes her wrists open in a bathtub.

5) THAT scene where Hannah commits suicide:
To be honest, we cried before that scene. Like, many times. But, when Hannah decides to enter the tub and to slash her wrists sent us into a massive sobbing session. It was necessary to show this: suicide is not easy, it is not painless, it is a mess and, on too many occasions, you won’t be saved. It was gruesome and hard to watch but it needed to be shown, even if it can just turn one person off, even if it can open someone’s eyes to the reality of suicide, this scene was needed.

6) Back to our teenage years:
We’re in our early thirties so our teenage years are not that far away. 13 Reasons Why made us reminisce of those difficult times where it feels like everything is horrible and nothing will ever get better. Talking to a friend that we’ve known for 17 years, we agreed that none of us would ever want to go back to that time of our lives. Adolescence suck, people! Big time! But, we promise that it does get SOOOO much better.

7) It makes the world talk:
Some people loved it, some hated it, some thought it was too dark, some that it wasn’t enough. 13 Reasons Why brings people together and sparks conversations. It’s always a positive thing when a TV show leaves such a mark on our society.

Do check this testimony.

8) Teens issues = adult issues:
Often disregarded as “drama” by adults, teenage issues are just as big as adults’. We feel this show addresses it really well: what Hannah goes through could happen to an adult, in the workplace for example. It is time we start paying more attention and giving more credit to teenagers.

9) A suicide will impact at least 6 people:
When you think of killing yourself, often you feel like your friends and family will be better off without you. But you’re wrong! As shown in the series, a person’s suicide will have consequences on everyone surrounding that individual: parents, friends, teachers…that is basically the essence of 13 Reasons Why.

10) Selena Gomez is a producer:
Selena Gomez has talked about her mental health issues in the past and she wanted to be involved on this particular project. Considering how massive her following is on social media, the whole debate around mental health and suicide can spread and reach a lot more youths. It also shows that you can appear like you’ve got everything to be happy but still suffer from depression. No one is safe, sadly!

11) Good old tapes:
We really liked the fact that Hannah uses tapes to tell her story. It requires commitment to listen to a tape in 2017 and it forces the characters to pay more attention. Which is all that Hannah wanted: “Some of you cared. None of you cared enough”


12) It sticks with you:
We watched the last episode almost 3 weeks ago. We’d love to watch the whole series again but…it’s too early. What you have to be aware of, is that 13 Reasons Why sticks with you. It haunts you: the story, the suicide, the characters and then the horrid thought that someone close to you might be in that situation and you’re completely unaware of it. The soundtrack doesn’t help you shake it off: if anything, it makes the haunting even stronger. You won’t walk away from this show untouched.

13) Season #2 has been confirmed:
We know that not everyone is keen on a second season. But so many things still need to be said: what about Alex? What about Hannah’s parents? And the tapes, and the trial? What about Clay, Tony, Skye and all the others? We feel another season is needed, so we can close the book and leave Hannah to rest.