After the NES Mini, be prepared for the Mini Super Nintendo

Just last year, Nintendo created a worldwide wave of joy by releasing a mini version of their iconic NES console. Available for just 80$, it was sold with 30 pre-installed games and was, apart from the size, a faithful replica of the 1986 version. It was such a powerful comeback that the NES mini was sold out pretty quickly, leaving thousands of fans empty-handed and disappointed.

nintendo nes

On Wednesday, the Japanese company announced they would release a mini version of the Super Nintendo console. It should have 21 pre-installed games including mythical titles like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super-Metroid and F-ZERO. As a bonus, gamers will discover Star Fox 2, an exclusive title that was developed in the early 90’s but never actually released.

The mini console will have two controllers, also faithful to the original ones. Users will be able to play games such as Street Fighter II Turbo, Secret of Mana and Super Mario Kart on a regular HD screen.


nintendo controller

The mini Super Nintendo should be commercialised towards the end of September, for around 80$, just like the NES Mini. Mark the date in your agenda as the mini Super Nintendo will be available for a limited time only, as stated by the Japanese company. Nostalgic gamers are advised to pre-order the console as soon as possible.