“Cigar” by Tamino: a haunting song and a creepily good video

He is just 20 years old but Tamino already displays heaps of talent and charisma. Having just released his debut EP via Unday Records, the half Egyptian, half Belgian artist performed at the Rock Werchter Festival just a few days ago. Busy as a bee, he released his video for the song “Cigar” on the 26th of June and it is creepily good!

The video follows a skeleton that’s living a rough night. Animated by two talented puppeteers, the character sparks empathy and even some fondness, probably due to his very human-like attitude. Tamino appears in the video at certain times but the skeleton is definitely meant to steal the show. Aesthetically pleasing, creepily good and eerily haunting, the video embarks you on a visual journey.

When it comes to the track, Tamino has a strong and steady voice. Soothing and inviting, “Cigar” is quite a dark song. The melancholic melody will be drilled into your ears. Tamino’s impeccable vocal range – from a deep almost guttural singing to a pleading falsetto – will be a pleasing and lasting experience.

Tamino has said: “I always had an interest in translating feelings, emotions and ideas into something else, something beyond the casual state of affairs”. His influences are big artists like The Beatles, Serge Gainsbourg, Tom Waits and many more…Including his own grand-father, Moharam Fouad, a renowned actor and singer in the Arab world, from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. “My mother played his music around the house, and I remember being particularly taken by his live recordings with orchestra. There’s a certain kind of raw emotion in his singing, and in Arab music in general, that is mostly absent from Western music. Even when the tunes are kind of cheesy, there’s always something real, something sincere embedded in the voice. Complete surrender, much less calculated than most Western music. Oum Kalthoum, one of the most famous Egyptian singers, also had it; that intense kind of testimony about a past, scarred life of hardship and poverty. Just like Edith Piaf, someone else I very much admire”.  

Singer and songwriter, Tamino has the right palette of skills and the overwhelming amount of talent to become a recognised artist.

Go have a listen and a look at “Cigar” right now!

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